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Coco Peat is THE growing medium which proves to be the irreplaceable sustainable and eco friendly product of all time.

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Coco Peat Pioneers: Transforming Agriculture Globally with Passion and Expertise

We are a team of agricultural enthusiasts who loves and passionate about coco peat and its products rather than considering it as a business.With the best work experience in coco peat business, we believe we can make the vital change and revolution in agriculture and horticulture industry globally.

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Coco Experts

We're experts revolutionizing coco peat with knowledge, passion, and a focus on agri-innovation

Global Suppliers

We are agri-innovation enthusiasts, dedicated to transforming agriculture globally through deep coco peat understanding.

Recycling Champions

Our team is committed to environmental stewardship, revolutionizing cocopeats for sustainable agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Advocates

We are sustainable agriculture advocates leading the way in transforming cocopeat with knowledge and passion


Starting off with Cocopeat blocks, bricks and slabs, we intend to introduce & innovate more sustainable Cocopeat products for a green future in Agri & Horticulture industry.

Ultimate substrate for all plants

Optimal plant foundation with our Cocopeat blocks - the ultimate substrate for all plants.

100% organic

Embrace organic growth with our Cocopeat products, ensuring 100% organic solutions for your crops.


Choose sustainability with our Cocopeat products, designed to be recyclable for a greener agricultural future.


Promote sustainable farming practices by using our Cocopeat, an eco-friendly solution for Agri & Horticulture.

Nutrient contents for plants

Enhance plant health with our Cocopeat products, enriched with essential nutrient contents for thriving crops.

Minimal water consumption

Conserve water resources with our Cocopeat, promoting minimal water consumption for efficient agricultural practices.


Our current products are crafted with passion and we also customise as per the customers’ requirements (eg: High EC, Low EC, Buffered etc)

Cocopeat Blocks - 5kg

Unleash the power of nature in your garden with our Cocoblocks. Weighing 5 kilograms, these substantial blocks of cocopeat are the ideal solution for robust and sustainable plant growth. Sourced from natural coconut fibers, Cocoblocks offer excellent water retention, aeration, and nutrient-holding capacity. Elevate your gardening experience with this eco-friendly substrate, ensuring your plants thrive in a healthy and organic environment. Choose Cocoblocks 5 kg for a greener, more sustainable approach to cultivating a flourishing garden.

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Cocopeat Bricks - 650 grams

Discover the essence of sustainable cultivation with our Cocopeat Bricks. Weighing just 650 grams, these compact blocks offer an eco-friendly and versatile solution for nurturing your plants. Derived from natural coconut fibers, our bricks serve as an optimal growing medium, providing essential aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient support. Elevate your gardening experience with Cocopeat Bricks, the perfect choice for environmentally conscious and thriving plant cultivation.

  • Cocopeat Bricks - 650 grams excel in water retention, providing an optimal environment for plants by ensuring consistent moisture levels.
  • The compact design of these bricks, weighing just 650 grams, makes them easy to handle and transport, enhancing convenience for gardening enthusiasts.
  • Suitable for a variety of plants and gardening practices, Cocopeat Bricks offer versatility in application, from seed starting to container gardening, providing a nurturing substrate for diverse plant species..
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Cocopeat Slabs

Elevate your agricultural endeavors with our Cocopeat Slabs, a premium and sustainable growing medium. Crafted from natural coconut fibers, these slabs offer exceptional water retention, aeration, and nutrient-holding capabilities. Their substantial size makes them ideal for large-scale cultivation, providing a reliable foundation for healthy plant growth.

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Cocopeat Grow Bags - Versatile Sizes for Every Plant:

Explore our range of Cocopeat Grow Bags, available in various sizes to cater to the diverse needs of your plants. From compact seedlings to thriving vegetables, find the perfect match for your gardening ambitions.

  • Mini Grow Bags (250 grams): Ideal for small herbs and seedlings, our mini grow bags provide a nurturing environment for delicate plants.
  • Standard Grow Bags (500 grams):Versatile and popular, these bags suit a wide range of plants, making them perfect for home gardens and small-scale cultivation.
  • Medium Grow Bags (1 kg): Offering ample space for root development, medium-sized grow bags are suitable for flowering plants and vegetables..
  • Large Grow Bags (2 kg): Designed for robust growth, these bags accommodate larger plants, making them suitable for fruit-bearing trees and bushes..
  • XL Grow Bags (5 kg): The extra-large size is perfect for substantial plants, providing the necessary support for thriving in both indoor and outdoor environments.
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Explore our portfolio and embark on a journey towards greener gardening practices with us.

  • All
  • Blocks
  • Slabs
  • Grow Bags

Premium grow bag

Our premium grow bag is used for growing multiple plants in a row

Indoor plant design

Design your indoor plants with our cocopeat blocks for rich nutrients

All size grow bags

We supply grow bags sized perfectly for small and medium sized plants

Coco Slabs for big growth!

Align your garden beautifully with these coco slabs

Multiple size cocopeats

Articulate your garden with the perfect sized cocopeats

Perfect growth with our cocopeats

Supply better nutrients to your indoor plants with our cocopeat solutions

Your dream garden with our coco slabs

Make your dream garden come to shape with our cocoslabs and cocopeat solutions

Gowth companion for future trees

Cocopeats supply good nutrition for plants in your garden that will soon bloom into beautiful trees in your garen

Nutrient rich garden

Make your garden soil rich in nutrients with our coco bricks

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Cocopeat Products FAQ section! Find answers to common queries below.

1. What are the benefits of using cocopeat for gardening?

Cocopeat improves soil structure, retains moisture, enhances aeration, and promotes healthy root growth.

2. How do I use cocopeat blocks effectively?

Soak cocopeat blocks in water to expand them, then mix with soil or use as a soilless growing medium for plants.

3. Can cocopeat be used as a sustainable alternative to traditional soil?

Yes, cocopeat is a sustainable alternative to traditional soil due to its eco-friendly production process and ability to reduce water usage.

4. How often should cocopeat be watered?

Cocopeat should be watered when it starts to dry out, typically every 2-3 days depending on environmental conditions.

5. Are there any tips for incorporating cocopeat into potting mixes?

Mix cocopeat with perlite, compost, and other additives for a well-draining potting mix. Adjust ratios based on plant needs and container type.


Meet the dedicated individuals driving our cocopeat business forward.


CEO & Managing Partner

As the Chief Executive Officer, Shiva leads our cocopeat business with a visionary approach, driving strategic growth initiatives and fostering a culture of innovation.


Managing Partner

With a wealth of experience in the agricultural sector, Vinayagamoorthy is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and delivering high-quality cocopeat products that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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  • Our team meticulously inspects raw material suppliers to ensure the highest standards before onboarding them into our database.
  • We also maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers to continually enhance product quality and foster positive business relationships.
  • In our Cocopeat drying process, we utilize only cement floor yards to prevent any soil or foreign material contamination.

Download our guide to discover how our commitment to excellence ensures superior quality in every batch of cocopeat products.

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